Play progressive jackpot slotsUnlike any other related slots. They are linked together by a network and within this is a larger jackpot that is continuously growing when played by other players in that circle.

When a player hits the winning jackpot they will get only a percentage of the total amount of money that was payed into the machine at the start of their game.

In most cases the winning jackpot will be lower than standard slot games due to the fixed percentages of their played amount it can offer other choices through the type of progressive slot played.

In the case of the ’stand alone progressive’ slot game, the winning jackpot slots is similar to the linked network version but will add an additional amount to the percentage that was played due to not being linked with other machines. The payout is often similar but the percentage is based on the number of plays that were paid.

The chances of a higher jackpot win is better with the linked network version. Another version called ’in-house progressive’ is used exclusively by a casino owner who has one or more machines that are linked together, sometimes not at the same casino location and usually not the higher jackpots offered elsewhere but can still reward the winning player if they win the jackpot.

The best life-changing progressive would be the ’wide-area progressive’ and are run by a single source that has linked several smaller progressive slots all combined together to create a massive network that offers the equally massive jackpot as well.

The odds of winning in this network are often as difficult as it seems but it doesn’t stop the interest from many who seek to grab the mega-win. Many online casinos offer these progressive slots for the big jackpot winnings and also so do the customers that love the competition for the grand prize as well.