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free spinsSlot features on classic slots are quite simple and they fade in comparison with the features of today’s slots. Some players still swear by the classic features, but most players enjoy the complexity of video slots that are packed with a wide range of new features. There are different slots for different tastes, and everyone can find the slot with the features they enjoy most.

Each video slots game has unique bonus features that are specific to the theme of the game, and listing them all could take forever. However, some slot features are common to all games and you will find them in most video slots. By reading up on the following basic features, you will not be intimidated by the complexity of video slots and you will get your game on in no time!

Free spins bonus rounds

These are probably the most beloved freebies that are triggered by the “free spin” symbol or 3 or more “scatter” symbols. This feature is a no-risk slot feature, meaning that you get to play and win for free, and who doesn’t like that?

Bonus rounds or bonus games

By hitting the right combination of symbols, you can get a bonus round, which is essentially a mini-game within the main game. Sounds a bit like the movie Inception? Don’t worry, it’s quite simple. You will be taken away from the main screen of the game to another screen, where you can choose between different options, navigate through obstacles or play mini-games of bingo, poker or blackjack.


Because wilds can take the place of any symbol (except the scatter), they are known as the joker of slots. Wilds turn a weak spin into a possible win, which is why they are a highly anticipated symbol by all players. There are several types of wilds: expanded (the one that covers the entire reel), random wilds, extra wild symbols, which essentially turn other symbols into wilds.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols essentially amount to some sort of pay out – scatter symbols that appear anywhere on the reels means that you get a win. Scatters can also act as a multiplier doubling or quadrupling your win on that particular spin. In some games, the scatters will trigger a free spin or a bonus mini-game.

Autoplay and Turbo mode

Players can choose the autoplay mode to let the game spin by itself. They can choose to set it on autoplay for a certain amount of time, while they can sit back and relax, and watch the game unfold. To speed up the process even more, some slot games have a turbo mode, which places spins more quickly, and it stops once it hits a bonus round or other feature. This is a good option when you are playing for free. Otherwise, it’s probably best for you to be in charge of your own spins.


Video slots have radically increased their pay-lines compared to the classic 3-reel slots. Some games can have over 100 pay-lines, some pay-lines are fixed, while others are adjustable.

Double up

This slot feature allows you to double your money after a win. You will be taken to a different screen and be given a 50/50 outcome choice. Some players avoid this wager, others like to get crazy with it.



Slot features
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